Toll taxes Toll taxes

Pay your toll taxes without buying and supporting additional devices.

Toll taxes

GPS Bulgaria is a supplier of declaratory data, approved by Bulgarian government. Our GPS devices automatically collect data for your vehicle movement on the national paid road system and synchronize them with It generates toll declaration, which is sent to National Road Agency. Based on that information, the Agency will charge you for your mileage.

Monitoring system

What is included?


With your GPS device we will track the movement of all your vehicles and will report the mileage, for which a toll tax is due. You get more than compliance with the law. With our monitoring system, you get full reports for the vehicle, real-time tracking, alarms, notifications, 24/7 support and over 20 service centers in Bulgaria. If you have an installed tracker, all you have to do is activate the toll service.


You get way more than toll tax compliance. You get a system with:

  • Detailed information
  • Location
  • Date and time
  • Movement speed
  • Direction of movement
  • Key on-off status
  • Stop locations
  • Downtime
  • Route for a period of time
  • Mileage for a period of time
  • Zones and points selected
  • Working calendar
  • Fuel level (optional)
  • CAN connection (optional)

How to use the service

The companies who want to automatically report their tolls can contact us or our A1 Bulgaria Sales Partner for a contract. Carriers may use the service with trackers already installed in vehicles or request new ones.
0700 20 789
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