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The Car Security service provides a real-time protection of your vehicle throughout the country.

Car Security

In case of attempted theft of a vehicle with activated protection, we turn-off remotely its engine and immediately send information about its current location to the Police units on duty. We also inform you about each incident. In addition, through the Car Security service you can obtain information about the location of your vehicle at any time from our 24/7 Call Center, through remote access to the monitoring system Fleet Expert, from each phone with a browser or from Android OS and iOS smartphones and tablets.
Monitoring system

What is included?

  • GPS device
  • Sim card Sim card with unlimited GRPS traffic and unlimited number of SMS within the Mobiltel network
  • 24/7 security
  • Support After sale support from GPS Bulgaria
GPS device, SIM card with unlimited transfer of GPRS and SMS within the network of A1 Bullgaria (to the service support numbers), 24/7 protection, as well as maintenance by the after-sales units of GPS Bulgaria.


  • Security for you and your vehicle at any time, throughout the country.
  • Call Center at your disposal 24/7.
  • Information about the location of your vehicle at any time.
  • Real time assistance in case of car failures, road accidents, assaults or incidents by alerting the emergency services.
  • Location and route tracking from any internet enabled computer or mobile phone.
  • Discounted insurance premium.

Activation of Car Security

1. Please contact our Sales Department (0700 20 789) or make an online inquiry. 2. When you choose your suitable services we will prepare all needed documents and make reservation for equipment installation. 3. The sum for the installation and equipment is prepaid (100%) and you can pay it via bank transaction, EasyPay offices or in the GPS Bulgaria Headquarter. 4. Please visit our Service Center (which you prefer) to make your installation.
0700 20 789
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