Smart Fleet Smart Fleet

Smart Fleet is an innovative Plug&Play service allowing real-time track&trace, remote technical diagnostics, vehicles parameters monitoring, driving behavior and 4G Wi-Fi hot spot Internet access.

Smart Fleet

The service is available for all vehicles with OBDII* port. Without installation fee. Just plug the device in the OBD socket and you will have an innovative fleet management system for your vehicle.
*OBDII port is a standard for external communication with the vehicles’ on board systems. Most vehicles manufactured after 2000 have an OBDII diagnostic port.
Monitoring system

What is included?

  • Sim card Sim card with unlimited GRPS traffic and unlimited number of SMS within the Mobiltel network
  • OBDII Device OBDII device for remote diagnostics
  • Monitoring system
Smart OBDII device, SIM card, access to a web-based monitoring system, free mobile app, 24/7 car assistance.

Features of Smart Fleet

  • Real-time track&trace via web-based platform and mobile app
  • Reading and transfer of vehicle diagnostic trouble codes and real-time alerts
  • Driving behavior (harsh acceleration, turn, stops and overturnings of the vehicle)
  • 4G Wi-Fi hot spot Internet access in the vehicle
  • Information on the fuel level & consumption (on selected models)
  • Speed
  • Daily total mileage
  • Engine temperature
  • Engine RPM
  • Built-in data storage memory
  • Automatic switch to Power Save mode upon engine switch off (safe vehicle battery)

Other features of Smart Fleet

  • Alerts if the battery runs low
  • VIN vehicle identification code
  • Supported protocols: J1850-VPW/J1850-PWM/KWP2000/ISO9141-2/CAN-BUS


  • 24/7 technical monitoring of the vehicles
  • Precise localization and generate routes
  • Increased security of vehicle and its driver preventing serious technical failures
  • History log of the vehicles
  • Driver behavior analysis
  • Alarms and notifications
  • Google Maps management (routes, geo-fence zones, PoI, distance, vehicle data and etc.)

Benefits for the b2b customers

  • Analysis of drivers’ behavior by using intelligent bonus-malus insurance systems
  • Option for remote technical diagnostics
  • Professional fleet management platform
  • Assistance in road accidents
  • Provide additional services - Wi-Fi Internet and Car Assistance

Prices and activation of Smart Fleet

1. Please contact our Sales Department (0700 20 789) or make an online inquiry. 2. When you choose your suitable services we will prepare all needed documents and make reservation for equipment installation. 3. The sum for the installation and equipment is prepaid (100%) and you can pay it via bank transaction, EasyPay offices or in the GPS Bulgaria Headquarter. 4. Please visit our Service Center (which you prefer) to make your installation.
0700 20 789
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