Why the cow Penka will never be lost again?

21 '06 '18

The cow Penka will never be lost again, but the reason is not that her owner will never be part with her but because as of the 20th of June she is equipped with a GPS device, specialized for tracking animals.
How does the system work?
On Penka`s neck we mounted a GPS device which is powered by batteries. It sends data on her location on short intervals of time. The owner, Ivan Haralampiev, will be able to track her movements through our mobile application – Fleet Expert, with the help of a smartphone, which we also gave him as a gift.

In order to guarantee that Penka will never be lost again, the owner can predefine secure zones in which she can wonder safely. If she leaves those areas Ivan will receive alarm. “Those zones could be the ranch or the pasture. In that way Penka will never be lost again.”, said Desislava Chaleva, Customer Care Manager, for bTV.
Precisely because of the media we managed to get in contact with Mr. Haralampiev and help him.
To whom is the system targeted? 
Tracking animals is a new service from the GPS Bulgaria’s portfolio and is available for everyone who is interested in it. Just contact us.
Why did we do it?
Because we believe that everybody needs help with solving his problems and the technologies we use give great opportunity to deal with them.

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